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Avoid costly national campaigns

For first time TV advertisers, it’s easier than ever for your brand to appear on the box. 

Targeting the right households and seamlessly integrating your advert into your ideal consumers’ viewing, avoiding costly national campaigns, creating accessible ads that get your brand seen by the right targeted people, at drastically reduced price compared with national campaigns.

pick the right audience and the
right channel for you

Sky Adsmart

Sky Adsmart is a revolutionary platform that allows TV advertisers to target audiences of direct relevance to the product or service being advertised with unprecedented accuracy. Offering advertisers the ability to show different ads to different households watching the same programme

When it comes to tailoring ad breaks, Sky can cherry-pick TV campaigns of direct relevance to the viewer. So, if you’re a 40-year-old married male with a house full of young children and an annual wage exceeding £50,000 a year, you could expect to see TV advertisements promoting the latest iPhone, Volvo or Disneyland Paris offer, but not the new promotion from eHarmony.

All 4

Channel 4’s newly-rebranded on demand service All 4 is the top commercial on demand TV platform for young audiences, reaching over a third of 16-34 year olds each month.As well as standard display and pre-roll advertisement packages, All 4 also offers interactive and targeted advertising options, allowing you to to aim your campaign at a relevant audience based on factors such as age, gender and location.

itv hub

The ITV Hub replaces ITV Player and itv.com across mobile, PC and connected TV to become the new digital destination for all our TV channels and online services. Live streaming of our channels, which now accounts for over 30% of usage on PC and mobile, is at the heart of this new service, offering audiences a more compelling viewer experience across all device

other platforms

We see greater results if you combine your TV advert with your Social Media video campaign.

Your video should be created or edited slightly different for each different platform, to compliment your segmented Hero hub hygiene (which we prefer to call help) marketing campaign.Other platforms such as Virgin Media, BT, My5, UKTV, Facebook and Youtube etc all broadcast content via Video on-demand (VOD) and or TV streaming. If you want to find the right platform from which to launch a TV advertising Social Media video campaign for your business, why not give Numo Group a call today on 03450920790.

Audience targeting

When it comes to launching a TV and social campaign or a mixture, it’s important to ensure that you're reaching your customer base. We specialise in flexible and targeted advertising strategies that engage the right audience. Our planning pinpoints the channels, times of day and days of the week best suited for achieving this, with geo-demographic targeting.  Let us demonstrate how we can make your budget work harder, by contacting us today.

Reach the people who matter most to you


Target people based in specific locations such as counties, regions, cities or countries.


Narrow your audience based on information such as age, gender and languages.


Reach people based on interests such as pet owners, fashion, car owner.


Define your audience by activities they do type of shopper, family size, age of children.

Custom Audiences

Run ads to customers you already know based on their email addresses or phone numbers.

creating Your advert

The TV commercial for your campaign would vary dependant on the audience that you are trying to speak to. Also for some of your services there may also be a different style of delivery if there is more emphasis on Entertainment, Inspiration or Education in the overall message.​ If you want to see more please go to our partners.

standby productions

When it comes to producing engaging visuals for your ad our exclusive partners Standby Productions will create the perfect film for your campaign.
As an award winning film and video production company they have the expertise to produce an ad that not only suits your brand but stands out from the crowd.  

Seeing the results

Brand campaign measurement can be done with a few methods giving you a direct correlation between a viewed advert and your engagement or direct sales data.​

Beyond the Sky Analytics, we also need to have other goals, KPI and targets to run around the campaign. This will give us an aim and also justify the initial spend and on going return on investment. The main target and expectation will be agreed between us before we start and then we will know how that is tracking as the campaign runs.​

Create Awareness

Objective :

Create Awareness

Goals :
Introduce online/offline brand advertising​
Branded Site Visits​
Social Impressions
Voucher/Offer interactions*​
Segment :
Traffic Sources, New Visit
Audience Demographics, Social Media sources​
Traffic ​Sources
Google Analytics
Social Platform Analytics, Adwords, YT etc​
Traffic Sources, New Visits​

Generate sales

Objective :

Generate Sales

Goals :
Increase stockist spend per order
Average Stockist Order  Value​
% of Market​
Segment :
Client Side​
Client Side​
Market Insight Data​

create brand ambassadors

Objective :

Create Brand Ambassadors

Goals :
Create Strong Customer Based Ambassadors
Social Reviews
Social Shares/Mentions (Amplification
Grow Social Audience Sizes​
Segment :
Social Media Sources
Social Media Sources
Audience Demographics
Social Platform Analytics
Social Monitoring Tools
Social Platform Analytics