Getting seen on the small screen doesn’t have to cost a fortune


January 31, 2018

Watching TV is the nation’s number one pastime, but we know what you’re thinking, there’s no way your business can’t afford to make an ad… Or can it? With Sky AdSmart your company can now create TV ads that won’t break the bank.What was once out of reach for niche brands and smaller enterprises is now in scope for marketing teams all over the UK, as a Sky AdSmart partner Numo now have the power to connect you with your audience via the box. Sound good so far? Here’s the technical bit...TV AdvertisingIn a nutshell, our smarter TV advertising means seamlessly integrating your advertisement into your ideal consumers viewing. Whether you want to show your latest products to Yummy Mummies in Manchester or tell pet owners over 50 about your exciting new service, with Sky AdSmart we have the technology to target your demographic.

Did you know…At twice as effective ‘per impact’ than any other medium, including radio and online display, TV advertising is the leading sales-driver**

How does it work?Sky AdSmart’s revolutionary, easy to track technology means that national (and traditionally costly) television campaigns can be replaced with your tailored adverts and simply shown to your chosen demographic. With Numo’s support companies can control who sees their advert, where it’s viewed and how many times it’s viewed to maximise their budget.Is Sky AdSmart right for you?If any of the below sounds like you then TV advertising could be the answer:

  • You want to use the most effective form of advertising to grow your business.
  • You want to speak directly to your relevant audience.
  • You want to restrict your advertising to a specific region, city or even postcode area.
  • You want to increase sales and/or brand awareness.
  • You want to stand out against competitors.
  • You want your brands to be seen in a premium/talked about environment.
  • You only want to pay when your ad is seen, rather than just a few seconds.*

Want to find out more…At Numo we have the know how to integrate TV into your existing marketing plan. Talk to us today about how you can make an impact on TV.**

*, 2016


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