Does Facebook really work for larger corporations?


January 31, 2018

It can be hard to see how social media can be controlled and still work for building professional businesses and super brand like Gordon Ramsay Holdings when, for many of us, checking Facebook means scrolling through a wall of talking cats, babies and the latest politician meme.Can social media be controlled for larger corporations and build their audience? Trust us - it can!

These channels increased traffic by an outstanding 410%

We have the know how to make social media work for businesses, read on to hear how we worked with restaurant giant The Gordon Ramsay Group to boost their audience.Gordon RamsayMulti-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay has a string of 30 successful restaurants across the globe, from the UK and France to Singapore and Hong Kong, to the United States. Famed not only for his outstanding cuisine, but also his fiery personality, Ramsay is a high profile celebrity world renowned for such TV shows as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell and MasterChef US. Well known for their unique tasting menus and private dining escapades The Gordon Ramsay Group remains one of the most prestigious restaurant groups around.THE CHALLENGEAfter 4 years of working with The Gordon Ramsay Group to perfect their SEO ranking they asked us to support with the development of their social media presence. With such an established brand the group were already off to a strong start. However, so many branches meant their social media channels easily became unmanageable and communications around each of their restaurants was disjointed.THE BRIEFTo create a communication strategy that ensured each restaurant had their own voice, utilising the celebrity status, not only of Gordon Ramsay, but the Head Chefs and rising stars of The Gordon Ramsay Group - Which foodie wouldn’t want to hear from Ramsay protégées like Angela Hartnett?THE SOLUTIONThe level of Gordon Ramsay’s celebrity status was a positive platform to build from; we saw an opportunity to capitalize on Gordon Ramsay’s fan base, driving his personal audience to his actual restaurant group.The group needed to speak to each of its restaurant’s audiences in a slightly different way depending on the needs and interests of the location. Focusing on the main channels of Facebook and Twitter we developed social media profiles that although separate were well aligned with each other in terms of visuals and core values.We saw also an opportunity to better utilise The Gordon Ramsay Group’s social media channels for functions such as viewing menus, booking and providing feedback on dining experiences; by integrating automation services we ensured sure that all these functions worked across their booking systems or web assets. These customisable applications allowed for better user experience, enabling the customer to better interacts with the brand and ultimately develop growth.THE RESULTSThese channels increased traffic by an outstanding 410%, cementing this strategy as a invaluable way to engage with Gordon Ramsay restaurants internationally.With record month on month growth of 65% the team had a social media strategy that was the opener to increase popularity and remain connected and engaged with their audience.

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