Developing with your core values in mind


January 31, 2018

Your website is an extension of your business, when users click onto your site it should communicate the same message in it’s appearance and function as you have carefully written in your mission statement. Seems abstract but with a little extra consideration your website can be developed with your core values in mind.

Over 130 members now share valuable data with the NFTMO website and each other!

The NFTMO are a voluntary organisation built on a providing Tenant Management Organisations with the opportunity to share the best practice needed to promote community regeneration. Although their main purpose is to promote networking they had no online space for virtual communication. We worked with them to build a site that enabled members to interact both with the organisation and each other online. Read on to find out more...

NFTMO Case StudyThe National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO) is a national voluntary membership organisation. Founded in 1992 their main function is to facilitate networking and support for TMOs in England and to promote community control as an option within regeneration initiatives and in areas of greatest need.

THE CHALLENGENFTMO was part of a Government initiative which gave them the opportunity to upgrade their online presence. They needed a website that would allow members to share best practice and compare data. Armed with the government funding they received they turned to us to build a website that was more suited to the collaborative nature of the organisation.

OUR SOLUTIONWe created a website that enabled NFTMO to post news and share information with their members. The site also included a secure members document management area, in which members are able to share and interrogate sensitive data such as reports for the development of their projects.


  • There are now over 130 TMOs positively interacting with the website
  • Information is now readily available for members
  • NFTMO can more effectively promote collaborative working across the organisation

Mission accomplished!


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