2016’s Facepalm Marketing Moments


January 31, 2018

Remember that time you accidentally sent that (very) personal email to the whole of the accounting department… You know the time you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you… Well everyone makes mistakes, but it’s slightly more comforting to know that this includes some of the world’s biggest corporations. As we wrap up 2016 let’s learn from some of the year’s worst marketing fails.

5. Star of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Scott Disick was mocked all over the web after he accidentally posting the instructions his advertisers sent him on a paid Instagram post. Sorry Scott - there’s way out of that one.

Lesson learned: Check before you post, the internet won’t let it slide.


4. Spot number 4 goes to the US Justice Department worker who accidentally used the official Justice Department twitter account to weigh in on the allegations that Melania Trump cribbed parts of her speech from Michelle Obama, and we quote -  “lmao”

The Justice Department quickly deleted the tweet and released the statement “A staffer in the public affairs office erroneously used the official Department of Justice Twitter handle to post a tweet that was intended for a personal account,” Needless to say this worker no longer has access to the twitter account.

Lesson learned: Keep your personal thoughts personal

3. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) asked for suggestions for name of their £200 million polar research vessel; the most advanced floating research fleet in the world, something to reflect the ship's prowess in the oceans, and truly symbolise the pioneering work they will undertake... and we gave them… 'Boaty McBoatface'. You are welcome NERC (they opted for the more sensible choice of 'RRS David Attenborough').

Lesson learned: There’s no predicting the British public’s sense of humour.

2. In at number 2 is that time DC Comics stated one of their comics was translated from “Pakistanian”... The language they were looking for was Urdu.

Lesson learned: Research, research research…

1. And the number one spot goes to… drumroll please… Warner Bros. for accidentally identifying their own website as illegal. In an effort to eliminate online piracy Warner requested that its own official pages be removed from Google search results *facepalm*.

After reviewing the Warner Brothers report, Google decided not to remove links to Amazon, IMDB and Sky Cinema from its results.Lesson learned: Whatever happens stay visible

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