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Ranking naturally is a long term process that is very much a partnership between ourselves and our client. Sustaining a high ranking isn’t a quick win without a large number of supporting activities and often significant investment.

With the use of the latest Google methods and describing your products in a way that search engines can understand we can make sure you are ranked at the highest possible position.

Once good positioning has been achieved, maintaining it is a constant trial of matching best practice marketing with new ideas and new technologies that can support the overall picture of your business.

Our Methodology

Here’s an outline of our present tools and methodology. We are constantly updating our processes in line with emerging technology - Check back in with us soon to see how we’re evolving to support your growing business.

The strategy

Strategy is one of the defining foundations of any campaign and it's no different for Organic Search; this is where we develop the initial plan for growing your business in line with affordable goals and clear ROI.

Your objectives and goals

To start the creative process we always take into consideration your business aims and use these to develop your new or existing marketing plan.

Competitor analysis

Looking at some of your key competitors can give us an insight into any gaps in the market that could be exploited, as well as working with you to analyse successes and weaknesses.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Our aim is always to provide a clear Return On Investment (ROI), each business will have different goals and expectations but with our open and honest approach we ensure we always look at the whole picture to provide you with the best possible return.

KPI's can range from desired site traffic to an % increase in sales. Talk to us about what you would like to achieve.

Build and implement

The ‘build and implement’ stage covers a whole host of assets in your marketing effort. Below are just a few ideas of how we can work with you…

Compliance and speed

A huge part of organic search is ensuring that you are fully compliant with the current web standards and you have introduced an optimised service that responds well under speed tests.

Device compatible

Mobile now accounts for over 56% of search, so not having a site that it suitable for mobile is a huge mistake with businesses often being penalised by search engine providers for not covering this successfully.

Content matrix

A good range of engaging content not limited to on your assets and owned media; we need to consider creating a mix of content across owned and paid media and incorporate this into the plan.

Optimising the structure

So, once the build has been done the optimisation of your offer continues with the data collected from our various effective sources.

Search console

Make updates and adaptations for optimum performance and maintenance with Search Console. Gain recommendations along with the tools needed to manage different technical aspects of your site.

Reporting and reflecting

Google Analytics not only feeds you with information, but also allows Google to see how well you perform and how you deliver your information and services. We set this up for your company and support you with its use to ensure your business gains as much as possible from this marketing tool.

Google TAG manager

With ‘tags' you can track specific events as well as URL data - this provides a much more accurate view of your site, and makes data like bounce rate and general conversions easy to identify.

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