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Understanding your Audience

The key to any marketing campaign is the audience that you are looking to talk to. Understanding this is then incredibly important and of course colors the whole creatively and direction that any marketing approach can take. So yeh, pretty key!

The Data

Businesses are getting better access to their data now, but understanding that data is another matter. The skill of looking at data and pulling out the insights behind that set is a key skill that we can help you with, to pull out the nuance of making sure that your marketing effort is personalised and directed most effectively.

Sounds like some this you should be doing right? Eell of course it is, but where do you get all the data from and does this include finding new customers or clients?

Working with the data and audience analysis not only gives you a much better handle on you most effective client or customer base, but also informs you of trends that you may not have seen already.

So if you think about that, you start to get a brief of where your creativity should be pointed. This also does not have to rely on your own 1st party data, but once you start to get a handle on your audience then data around your audience can then inform an overall campaign.

A great example of the power of data and the interpretation of that data is a US campaign that Pantene are running. It is called Dad Do. This campaign is all driven around the data from studies that the likes of the Institute Of Family Studies published to say that daughters who spend more quality time with their fathers, become stronger women in adulthood and have better tools to succeed and have a better life.

So the predominantly female brand have followed this 'data' to inform a creative team and the campaign is born. Celebrity fathers spending time with their daughters by doing their hair and having a little quality time.

OK this was quite an open example, but data can lead to surprising directions and we believe that this is one of the most important starting points for any marketing effort.

"Does the data point mobile first?

On mobile, for example, Sephora has focused on fostering loyalty and by doing so has increased its mobile business from 25% to more than 35% of its digital business in the past year."

Mary Beth Laughton, senior vice president of digital at Sephora

Using TV Advertising Data

In a world where we construct our own TV viewing through platforms like Netflix, iPlayers and Sky boxes it’s easier than ever for your business to advertise via the box.

Numo works with revolutionary TV advertising service Sky AdSmart to allow different ads to be shown to different Sky households (even when viewers are watching the same programme). This means businesses can now advertise in amazing content, but only to the most relevant audience.

Why waste money reaching millions during the FA cup final when you can simply target a specific demographic for a fraction of the cost - Who says TV has to be expensive?

The most flexible audience data - YouTube

Take advantage of the biggest online video site, with over 4 billion video streams a day YouTube is a great way to create a buzz about your company. With our skills it’s surprisingly easy for you to create content, educate people about your brand and drive engagement.

Get in touch to find out more about how to maximise this exciting channel.


How much are you getting out of what you put in?

Quite simply Attribution Modelling means assigning a monetary value to every piece of communication you send. We can help you record and analyse how effective your channels and communications are and the best marketing methods for your company to grow.

Work with us to enable your team to gather (and more importantly) interpret data to gain that vital return on investment.