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Addressable TV

People can now watch their favorite TV content anytime on a variety of devices. This means advertisers can't count on reaching audiences with just traditional TV ad buys. In our latest Evolution of TV article, we explore the opportunities and challenges in creating a personalized advertising strategy.

Gone are the days when watching TV meant weekly living room gatherings around a broadcast or cable network's most popular show. Now, viewers watch what they want and when they want, across multiple platforms and devices; from the small screens in their pockets to the large screens in their living rooms.

With such fragmented, time-shifted audiences, how can advertisers ensure they are reaching the right viewers with the right message? Addressable advertising.

Addressable TV advertising is the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. With the help of addressable advertising, advertisers can move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad buys, to focus on relevance and impact.

Bottomline: Viewers get more relevant and interesting ads.

For marketers, addressable advertising allows you to reach more specific audiences with greater creative flexibility, deep insights, and dependable ROI data. With much more granular TV attribution and measurement, advertisers can understand the true performance of their ad—including engagement, brand lift, and conversions.

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