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Attribution Modelling

Gauging the performance of your marketing channels is paramount and without solid attribution data, you can waste a tremendous amount of money on supporting a marketing effort that is simply not really driving sales.

We can ensure that your business is using the right model for your multi channel marketing effort and importantly getting a clear plan that could simply save you thousands in marketing spend. It is best suited for those businesses that are running above 2 or 3 marketing channels and really need to see why this is not working for you.

Credit where credit is due

Attribution modelling sets rules to determine where credit for sales and/or conversions are assigned to touchpooints, so we help you to determine the best model to follow for your business or the current problem at hand.

Using GA as your attribution gathering tool you can select a whole range of standard attribution models but making a decision on the correct one is the key to improving performance, saving advertising spend and solving any problems.

Setting up and reporting

At Numo, we enable your team to gather the data and then of course understanding what it means to your business case and what it tells you about your customer and marketing behaviour. Get in touch if you feel this warrants a conversation with one of our team.

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