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YouTube the Video Powerhouse.

YouTube is by far the number one online video site, it is also the 2nd largest search engine, behind Google and the 3rd largest site. With over 4 billion video streams a day with 53% of those people taking an action as a result of watching a video online.

Surprisingly, 70% of that traffic is outside of the US, so the opportunities are available to you no matter where you are.

Get in touch and we will let you know how you can take advantage of this channel.

YouTube promoted videos

These are aimed at leveraging your video assets and are particularly easy and cost effective. They create a buzz, educate people about your brand and drive engagement. So of course this increase your conversions across all channels.


TrueView allows the viewer to click on the ads they want to see or skip ads that they don't want to see on YouTube.

This gives the viewer a choice, and the advertiser control - so you can show your ad online, but you only pay for the ads watched.

Ad placement options

There are 4 main types of ad placement with TrueView.

  • In Stream skippables, good for all campaign objectives.
  • In Slate great for Customer retention, Storytelling, Repositioning brands.
  • In Search (promoted videos), suitable for Demonstration, Storytelling, Generating response and Customer retention.
  • In Display (Click to play), best for Response integration, Changing behaviour, Customer retention.

Part of a powerful content matrix

At Numo, we suggest that YouTube can be a very creative and effective mechanism to stimulate visits to your brand or product and is one of the most valuable brand touchpoints online.

We do not produce the assets but work with trusted partners to get the best results for you and your brand.

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