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Release the power of your legacy

At Numo, we have experience at every level of business and most sectors, this means we can accurately plan and deploy new developments that truly work in tandem with your existing systems.

You can enjoy the new features and functionality of your development, whilst utilising the existing data or systems. The advantages of integrating your legacies are clear, as you can reduce your training overhead and/or have continuity of data, as well as providing a new system that helps the business grow.

Let us look at your legacy systems and we will give you the solution that works for your business.

Bridging legacies

With many systems in place, there is sometime the need to expose a variety of information to an end user or to make sure that one system has all the information fed to the other in a meaningful and compliant structure.

We can provide a solution that should port across a number of systems and follow the latest methodologies.

When a business has strong legacies that function well, individually provide good value or are too interwoven with the company to discard, you need a solution that enables efficient communication and interaction with these legacies.

With the level of expertise across software platforms and business processes, Numo can provide a robust middleware application in the most delicate of scenarios.

We can develop around your business need and keep your companies future growth in mind. We provide support and expertise on not only how the application works, but consult on how this excatly impacts on your business from a practical and financial aspect.

Numo can deal with legacies including any of the following examples;

  • Multiple data sources and formats
  • Any operating platforms
  • Accounting packages
  • Warehousing or stock management packages
  • Desktop integration

  • Contact us now and see exactly how your systems could really work together.

    "We can develop around your business need and keep your companies future growth in mind"


    With our large range on interops solutions, we can provide your business with an application that is truly integrated into your business. Here are just a few of the systems that we have solutions for, but if you don't see yours then just ask.

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