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Integrating your business

The biggest move in business applications is integration, everything in one place, all in the cloud.

The problem with these statements in that a lot of vendors promise all these things, but they are developed on a legacy if offline products that their online or cloud service is a poor cousin of.

As these vendors have worked to get themselves up to date, the step now missing is how does your accounts software talk to your ecommerce or how does your CRM connect to your distribution centre.

The principles are in place, but they are either not working together or they do not present your data successfully to a customer base that is getting more and more sophisiticated.

At Numo, we can integrate or bridge your legacies or new systems to ensure the your customer user experience is seamless.

Data Integration

We are experts at handling data problems of all shapes and sizes, from middleware solutions from ERP to CRM or from web service to web application.

By using this across your Adwords campaign, the AI delivers a whole level of logic that changes the deliver of adverts dependant on the success of the campaigns and adverts. We have seen a 20% increase in efficiency against even the most mature and well managed campaigns. Sound good? Well get in touch to talk to us and we can let you know how this could work for you.

Bridging Legacies

With many systems in place, there is sometime the need to expose a variety of information to an end user or to make sure that one system has all the information fed to the other in a meaningful and compliant structure.

We can provide a solution that should port across a number of systems and follow the latest methodologies.

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With our large range on interops solutions, we can provide your business with an application that is truly integrated into your business. Here are just a few of the systems that we have solutions for, but if you don't see yours then just ask.

Integrating Legacies

Every business has some incumbent IT system, whether it is accounting software, stock control or customer relationship management software. The problem is that they do not always talk to each other and can seriously hinder the way a business functions.

Find out how we can help you.

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This is a unique product from Numo that has a very respectable entry point, so you can't afford to not pick the phone up.

Other services

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Inclusive Agency Solutions

We can deliver our services to agencies and developers if you wish to fill a skill gap or extend your offer. Not only do we provide the solution for your clients, but we also operate to be as inclusive as possible. We believe that by offering help to bring your teams up to speed in a specific discipline, we can become real partners.

We do not offer it all and with projects that need scaling quickly, having the best partner in place is really important.

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